Keeping Real Estate Real
Feb. 3, 2021

2020/21 Alberta Real Estate Market Update

2020/21 Alberta Real Estate Market Update
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In this episode we go through the numbers as we look at the 2020 real estate markets in Edmonton and Calgary as well as an overall Alberta economic update. We go through residential and commercial markets in detail. 
Everything is broken into chapters (see below) if you just want to find your specific market information, but there are a lot of numbers so grab a big cup of coffee and let's go!
0:20 Detailed Introduction
1:09 Canadian Residential Market Overview
6:00 Edmonton Residential Market 2020 Overview
7:33 Benjamin Tal Alberta Economy 2020/21
15:56 Global Edmonton Regional Economic Overview 
22:38 Edmonton Residential Market 2021 Forecast
25:47 Calgary Residential Market 2020/21 Overview and Forecast
36:01 Edmonton Commercial Market Introduction
36:27 Q4 20 Apartment/Multifamily Starts
39:10 Edmonton Commercial Market 2020/21
1:01:00  Calgary Commercial Market 2020/21

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