Keeping Real Estate Real
Dec. 17, 2021

December 17, 2021 - What's Coming Down The Pipes at The Real World of Real Estate

As Christmas approaches I have to admit it is one of my favorite times of the year; the family gathers and we break bread together, I throw a little Baileys in my morning coffee once or twice, and everyone is a little happier.

It is my hope that my podcasts make your day a little happier and, with that in mind, let's see what joy is coming down the pipeline at The Real World of Real Estate these days.

As you are aware, we recently released my interviews with Clare LePan of Calgary Municipal Land Corporation and Nadeem Keshavjee of Greenbirch Capital; both are very informative and enjoyable so be sure not to miss them.

I just released my interview with Bryan Statt of the Alberta Real Estate Association on the topic of international money laundering, including the Top 5 Money Laundering Scandals of all time, so check that one out!

We recorded the 2022 Market Update Session about 10 days ago and I am hard at work editing. It is my first video podcast so I am learning as I go with the editing. If all goes well, it will be out around Christmas time.

The next episode out after the Market Update will be my interview with Barbara Lawlor and Harley Nakelski of Baker Real Estate Group, a firm that specializes in Toronto area condos and literally dominates that market. They have also expanded into other areas and share some of their market leading data and statistics.

After Baker will be my discussion on Adequate Reserve Funding and Capital Planning with Michael LaPorte of NLD Consulting. Michael imparts some of his expertise through numerous detailed analyses and graphical reports that provide us with in-depth knowledge on proper reserve fund planning.

That's it for now. In the new year I have more planned, including up close and personal looks into the careers of a couple of successful agents, but I think that's enough happiness for today.

Let's Keep Real Estate Real...and a little happy!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.