Keeping Real Estate Real
Jan. 26, 2022

Jan 26, 2022 - What's Coming Down the Pipes at the Real World of Real Estate

Happy (belated I guess) New Year everyone. Only a few more days and February will be here. I have a few recurring favorite days every year, and one of them is always a day in February when it hits me that the sun is getting substantially brighter and spring is just around the corner. Another one of my perennially favorite days is the first really warm day in April and melted snow is running in streams; it always takes be back to being a boy and throwing a twig into the rivulet of melted snow running down the street or alley. That twig was my boat to adventure, taking me around the world.

So what adventures are just around the corner here at The Real World of Real Estate? Hang on to your sailor's caps because the sea breeze is blowing some great episodes our way.

As I type this I just published my interview with Barbara Lawlor and Harley Nakelsky of Baker Real Estate Inc., where they shared their leading edge strategies and data that have helped them dominate their marketplace in the Toronto area. If you enjoy that one, be sure to also listen to my interview with Ryan Lalonde of MLA Canada, another brokerage that employs cutting edge techniques to lead in their marketplace as well. Both firms have some great lessons for us.

Coming up next is a very informative interview with Micheal LaPorte of NLD Consulting. NLD does condominium reserve fund studies but the knowledge he imparts in his presentation is of direct benefit to all owners of real estate assets. He shows us several case studies and projections that help better predict when future capital expenses will arise and how much to set aside now in preparation.

After Michael, I will be presenting an interview I had with top producing agent, and all-around good guy, Chad Griffiths, MBA, of NAI Commercial Edmonton. Chad shares with us the many habits and strategies he employed to become a top agent and now employs to remain at the forefront of the field as well as his ideas on online marketing and real estate investing. You can also check out Chad's very informative Industrial Real Estate Podcast HERE.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, Chad Griffiths will be followed up by either Canadian Valuations Group or Lorri Brewer of Infinity Realty Service. Let's discuss Canadian Valuation Group because their topic is time sensitive and I will publish it first if I can. Gary Smith and Kyle Goertzen of Canadian Valuation Group will be joining me to discuss how to successfully appeal your property taxes. The tax appeal deadline for Edmonton (and probably most municipalities) is in March sometime so I want to get this one out as soon as possible. There's gold in them there hills.

I'll leave this edition of What's Coming Down The Pipes here but you definitely don't want to miss the next edition as I promise you will find my interview with Lorri Brewer of Infinity Realty Service a must-see/must-hear discussion - I guarantee you will find it "out of this world!"

Like spring, it's just around the corner! See you soon everyone. Until then;

Let's keep real estate real